How does being data literate help us think critically about the way someone collects, analyzes, and presents data?

Being data literate is an important skill because it helps us to think critically about the way someone collects, analyzes, and presents data. It helps us to ask important questions about the data and to make informed decisions. Unfortunately, there are many ways that data can be misused. For example, data can be selectively presented […]

What are the two main types of data?

The two main types of data are qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative data is descriptive and is usually expressed in words. Quantitative data is numerical and is often represented by numbers. Here are some examples of each type: Qualitative data: Colors of cars in a parking lot Opinions of students on a new school policy Names […]

What are examples of systems using data and analytics to make recommendations?

Many systems and companies use data and analytics to make recommendations to users. Here are a few examples: Amazon: Amazon uses data to make personalized product recommendations to its users. It analyzes users’ browsing and purchase history to suggest products that they might be interested in buying. Google: Google uses data to personalize search results […]

Why is data literacy important for not only data-related careers but also for jobs like journalists, nurses, and salespeople?

Data literacy is the ability to understand and use data effectively. In today’s world, data is everywhere, and being able to understand and use it is essential for success in many different careers. For example, journalists need to be able to analyze data to uncover important trends and stories. They might use data to create […]

How is the statistical investigative process used to solve problems with data and variation instead math problems?

Hi there! The statistical investigative process is used to solve problems with data and variation, which means it helps us analyze data that varies from one item to the next. This is different from math problems that usually involve solving equations. Let’s look at an example to understand the difference between data with and without […]