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latest in tech news

QH Tech Digest - June 12, 2024.

latest in tech news

Welcome back to another edition packed with the latest in tech and more:

🍏  Apple announces iOS 18 at WWDC 2024 with major AI focus and extensive customization options.

📊  Lesson of the Week: 4 common challenges in data wrangling.

📞  Nokia’s upcoming tech has 3D audio for calls, making it feel as if the caller is physically present.

📱  Weekly Tech Tip: Get access to iOS 18 now!

🚀  What’s New: New learning resources, bug fixes, and search feature changes.

📒  Book of the Week: “Co-Intelligence” by Ethan Mollick.

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AI-Powered iOS 18

Apple has announced iOS 18 during its Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC 2024), featuring extensive customization options and a major focus on AI.

Enhancements include a revamped Control Center, a more flexible Home Screen, and a comprehensive Dark Mode.

New AI capabilities, branded as Apple Intelligence and incorporating OpenAI’s technology, offer personalized assistance and advanced communication tools, significantly enhancing user interaction and productivity.

Keep reading to see our Weekly Tech Tip covering how you can get early access to iOS 18 now!

Lesson of the Week

Our Lesson of the Week includes 4 common challenges in data wrangling, sourced from our skill “Introduction to data wrangling.”

Question of the Week:

Which of the following are two data wrangling challenges?

Select one or more:

A) Encrypting the data

B) Handling unstructured data

C) Redundancy

D) Scalability

See if you’re right–the answer is at the bottom!

3D Audio Calls Are Coming

Nokia’s new “immersive audio and video” technology enhances voice calls with three-dimensional sound, providing lifelike interactions. CEO Pekka Lundmark demonstrated this on a regular smartphone over a public 5G network.

This technology, part of the upcoming 5G Advanced standard, aims to improve conference calls and is expected to be widely available within a few years.

Weekly Tech Tip

Get Access to iOS 18 Now
Apple’s iOS 18 was just released this past Monday in beta version, before its general release to Apple users this fall. The following steps are to get iOS 18 on your iPhone:
  1. Go to the Apple Developer website and tap the three-dash menu in the top-left corner (if on mobile).
  2. Select Account from the menu.
  3. Read through the agreement and click Submit.
  4. Now that you’re enrolled in the Developer program, on your iPhone go to Settings > General > Software Update.
  5. Go to Beta Updates and tap the iOS 18 Developer Beta option.
  6. Tap Download and Install.

*If you don’t see the iOS 18 beta option, you will need to wait.

What's New

Recent updates include new learning resources, bug fixes, unlimited scavenger hunts, and an upcoming change to the search feature.

Book of the Week

“Co-Intelligence” by Ethan Mollick delves into the transformative power of generative AI, offering an optimistic and thought-provoking take on how it will reshape our jobs, lives, and humanity’s future.

This compelling book encourages us to embrace AI as a co-worker, co-teacher, and coach, revealing the immense promise of this new era.

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latest in tech news

Lesson of the Week Answer:

B & D.

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