data science skills, validated.

Data science is too important to allow your business to suffer through bad hires and manual technical vetting processes.

data science skills, developed.

Transform your data science team from great to amazing by engaging them in a process of continuous learning and development.

Hire with confidence.

Ensure you hire the best by leveraging QuantHub’s advanced skill testing and real-world challenge platform to focus your recruiting efforts on candidates that have proven they have the skillset to do the job.

Build a skilled and engaged team.

Create a contagious learning culture by empowering your team with clear career trajectories and continuous developmental opportunities for maximum team and individual growth.

Chip is a mad data scientist and the brains behind QuantHub.

He is on a personal mission to end the #quantcrunch and empower companies all over the world to build amazing data science teams.

Don’t you want your team to be #poweredbychip?

Think if you had to do all of these assessments manually!

  • 4,000+ candidates assessed
  • 8,000+ hours of tech assessments

I have 500 candidates for this role - how can I possibly determine the best fit? ...and quickly? - Nikola F., Tech Recruiter

My analytics team seems disengaged - I'm not providing them enough learning opportunities - Mike N., Director of Analytics

I’m not sure how strong our team really is…yet I know great quants want to work around and learn from other great quants - Julia C., Data Science Lead

I don’t need a generic skill assessment – I need an assessment that fits my unique positions and needs - Steven H., Director of HR

There are so many options for data science and analytics training - which one is right for me? - Jeremy L., Data Scientist

#quantcrunch by the numbers

Data scientist positions take 12.5% longer to fill

25%+ of recruiting processes end with a bad hire

Average churn among data science professionals 29.4%

$83,000 Average cost of bad data scientist hire