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Data Fluency in Minutes a Day

This Data Literacy education is delivered in a gamified, micro-learning approach that can be completed in just 5-10 minutes per day. The average learner takes approximately 10 hours to complete training. Upon course completion, learners will receive a completion certificate that is a digitally signed and transferrable credential.

Identify and close data skills gaps

Learn pertinent skills that are most important to school board members in 2024.

Skills range from basic data literacy to generative AI

Gain comfort navigating the latest changes in the K-12 industry.

Study Anywhere​

Learn new data literacy skills on your desktop or mobile device.

Get certified and demonstrate your data skills

Complete the course and receive a transferrable digital credential.

Be Prepared to Make Impactful Decisions for Your Community

In the rapidly evolving world of education, school board members face the challenge of making informed decisions amidst a sea of data and AI advancements. These decisions will have impact on schools, teachers, and students for years to come.

Let QuantHub be your guide to navigating this landscape with confidence.​


of educators already use AI in their classrooms (Forbes)

Data Skills, delivered in a gamified, micro-learning approach

Introduction to AI & Data Literacy

Protecting your data: Protecting your data provides essential tools and strategies to protect your digital identity, avoid online scams, and adhere to ethical and legal standards.

The impact of AI on the workforce: This skill is designed to provide learners with an understanding of how AI technologies are impacting various sectors and the skills necessary to thrive in this evolving landscape.

Applying data to decision-making: Applying data to decision-making is the ability to use facts, metrics, and data to guide strategic business decisions that align with your goals.

Using Data

Working with dashboards: Working dashboards focuses on equipping you apply best practices in designing, optimizing, sharing, and maintaining dashboards.

Working with spreadsheets: Working with spreadsheets gives you essential skills necessary to perform data entry, data manipulation, and basic data analysis with popular spreadsheet software.

Collecting data for statistical analysis: Prepares learners to collect data for their own statistical investigation

Data Visualization

Introduction to reading charts: Discusses the importance of learning how to read charts and what steps to take to read charts.

Discovering data storytelling: This course builds your awareness of what data storytelling is and how people are using well-crafted data storytelling techniques to communicate effectively with data.

Cyber Security

Protecting from phishing: Explore the mechanics of phishing attacks, identifying common tactics, and the psychological tricks used by attackers. Learn protective measures to safeguard personal and organizational information.

Protection from malware: Learn about malicious software's origins, types, and impacts. Understand detection, prevention strategies, and the importance of cybersecurity in combating malware threats.

Generative AI

AI productivity tool landscape: Explores the relevance of AI tools in contemporary workflows, detailing considerations for selecting appropriate AI solutions based on data type and task objectives.

Introduction to boosting productivity with AI: Introduces learners to how the democratization of AI has created new “superpowers” that turbocharge productivity in each stage of tackling problems (Planning, Data, Analysis, Interpretation, Publication) in our personal, public, and professional lives.

Introduction to prompt engineering: This skill provides an understanding of what it means to effectively communicating with AI models through prompts. It covers the principles of crafting clear, concise, and effective prompts to achieve desired outcomes from AI systems.
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