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QuantHub offers computer adaptive assessments for recruiters and team leaders seeking tools to test and baseline candidates and existing teams. Our comprehensive case study exams test beyond keyword knowledge and challenge candidates to synthesize business cases with real world data.

Identify And Grow The Right Talent

Building a strong advanced analytics team isn’t about finding data science and data engineering unicorns, but about bringing together a diverse team with unique skill sets. QuantHub assessments give granular insights into the data skills candidates do (and don’t) have.

Create Custom Assessments By Role

Measure conceptual understanding and hands-on proficiency. QuantHub assessments are designed to test your highest-level data scientists and data engineers as well as functional analysts and entry-level data roles.

Receive Clear Results For Easy Decisions

QuantHub reports show both breadth and depth of the skills assessed. This gives each candidate a qScore that shows you the candidate’s fit to the actual job. Hiring managers get a clear view into who has the strongest data skills overall, not just in one area.

Validate Final Candidates With Real-world Data Challenges

Benchmark your team against industry and identify skills gaps

Save Countless Hours Screening Candidates

Process thousands of applications simultaneously and focus on top performers for culture and fit.


of corporate strategies explicitly mention data as a necessary driver of business value.

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