QuantHub and Innovate Alabama Launch Internship Program to Equip Students for Data Science and AI Careers

QuantHub is on a mission to equip all students with high demand data science skills. In partnership with the Alabama State Department of Education, the Birmingham startup is currently deploying its skills training software across Alabama schools and anticipates approximately 38,000 students to be learning in the platform within the year. Alabama State Superintendent of […]

Economic Concerns Related to AI’s Impact on the Workforce

Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the workforce is revolutionizing industries by significantly enhancing efficiency, productivity, and innovation. This integration is leading to economic impacts such as the creation of new job categories, the transformation of existing ones, and the improvement of decision-making processes. AI’s ability to analyze vast amounts of data quickly and accurately is […]

Integrating Data Literacy into K-12 Education: An Analysis of Curriculum Considerations

  As state superintendents refine their K-12 educational strategies to equip students with future-ready skills, there’s an unmistakable urgency to address the nuanced but essential difference between computer science education and data science learning requirements. The trend is clear: computational thinking has been anchored as a core skill within educational curricula, but as data becomes […]

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