QuantHub has Moved

Exciting News! QuantHub has moved from apps.quanthub.com to upskill.quanthub.com. We’ve rebuilt our platform from the ground up, incorporating all the trusted assessment and learning tools you’ve grown to love. In addition, we’ve added a bunch of new features and improved performance along the way. We can’t wait for you to give it a try. If you need help […]

Announcing our Summer 2024 Data Scholars Opportunities

2024 Alabama Data Scholars Internship Hosts We are thrilled to announce our partners for the inaugural Data Scholars cohort of 2024! The Alabama Data Scholars program is offering top high school juniors and seniors around the state an opportunity to explore the growing fields of data science and artificial intelligence (AI). The 8-week summer program […]

QuantHub Welcomes BreakThrough Birmingham as a Partner

Breakthrough Birmingham, one of Breakthrough Collaborative‘s 25 affiliates across the US, is dedicated to reversing educational inequity in the communities we work with in Alabama, namely Birmingham and Talladega. We deeply believe in empowering youth at all levels through our pillars: Relationships, Growth, and Exposure. Using a students-teaching-students model, we recruit high-impact undergraduate students from […]

Understanding Visual Data Encoding: Position, Length, Angle/Slope, Area, and Volume

This article explores the art of data storytelling through different types of visual data encoding: position, length, angle/slope, area, and volume. It aims to illuminate how each encoding type can be strategically used to tell a compelling story with data, enhancing the audience’s understanding and engagement. Mastering these visual encoding methods will provide valuable skills […]

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