QuantHub helps teachers prepare students for a data-driven future.

QuantHub helps teachers and professors teach data science skills in the education environment from high school to college, using a hyper-tailored micro-learning approach that delivers differentiated instruction in a wide range of data literacy topics in only 10 minutes a day, and without the headache of lesson planning.

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QuantHub helps students and educators discover quick data analytics skills lessons that dovetail perfectly with existing curriculum.

QuantHub courses align perfectly with state course of study across a multitude of classes, from mathematics and science to computer programming and career discovery.

Data literacy standards align with state course of study and ACT

Improve overall academic performance

Prepare students for increasing automation and digitization of jobs

Augment existing instruction with a hyper-tailored micro-learning approach

Computer Science Teacher Review

Kelly G. is a high school teacher in Demopolis, Alabama who teaches computer science in a business context. She absolutely loves the QuantHub product and is looking forward to implementing it further in the 2023-2024 year and beyond.

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Students who graduate with data skills earn 20% higher salaries than their peers.

QuantHub is LTI 1.3 compliant and integrates with leading LMS systems

Students can learn at their own pace in as little as 10 minutes. Learning on QuantHub is like playing a game with concepts and scenarios that engage students at all levels.

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