What is socioeconomic data?

Imagine you’re part of a team that works at a city planning office, and your task is to help make decisions on where to allocate resources for public services like schools, parks, and healthcare facilities. To do this effectively, you need to understand the various factors that impact the well-being of the community. This is […]

What is the Open Data movement?

The open data movement is an initiative that promotes the accessibility and availability of data to the public. It encourages governments, organizations, and institutions to share their data in a format that is easy to access, use, and understand. The goal is to enable greater transparency, collaboration, and innovation by providing open access to valuable […]

What is a data source?

What is a data source, and how do you make decisions from one? Imagine you’re planning a weekend trip with your friends. You want to know what the weather will be like, the best routes to take, and the most interesting places to visit. To make these decisions, you’ll likely check weather websites, maps, and […]

What is the Quantified Self movement?

The Quantified Self movement, often referred to as “self-tracking” or “lifelogging,” is a trend that involves individuals collecting and analyzing data about their own behaviors, habits, and bodily functions to gain insights and make informed decisions about their personal lives. This movement promotes self-awareness and self-improvement by leveraging technology and data analysis. The Quantified Self […]

Where does data come from?

Data is all around us! It’s the information that we gather and use to make decisions. This information can come from many sources, including people, machines, and technology. Let’s explore some examples of where data comes from. Interactions with Technology Our interactions with technology generate data. Every time we use a device, we create data. […]