How Do You Calculate Measures of Dispersion?

📊📈🔍 Hey guys, let’s talk about measures of dispersion! 📊📈🔍 There are several measures of dispersion, including range, Interquartile Range (IQR), variance, standard deviation, and Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD). Here’s how to calculate each one: Range: Subtract the smallest value from the largest value. IQR: Subtract the first quartile from the third quartile. Variance: Calculate […]

What Charts are Best for Exploring Dispersion or Variability in a Distribution?

📊📈🔍 Hey guys, let’s talk about charts that are best for exploring dispersion in a distribution! 📊📈🔍 Histograms and box plots are two of the best charts for exploring dispersion in a distribution. Histograms show the frequency of values in a distribution, while box plots show the range and distribution of the values. Histograms are […]