What is a Scatterplot?

Hey, friends! Today, we’re talking about scatterplots and how they can be used to explore data. 📈 So, what does a scatterplot display?  A scatterplot displays data point pairs and the relationship between two variables. It shows how one variable changes in relation to the other variable. 🔍 For example, let’s say you’re looking at […]

How Do You Fix Overplotting?

📊🤔🔍 Hey, friends! Today, we’re talking about overplotting. 📈 Overplotting occurs when there are too many data points in a scatterplot, and the points overlap, making it difficult to see the overall pattern in the data. To address this issue, you can use several techniques, including adding transparency to the points, sampling the data, or […]

What is Covariation?

Hey, guys! Today, we’re going to talk about covariation. 🤝 So, what is covariation? 🤔 Well, covariation is the tendency for values of two or more variables to change together. 📊 For example, when you practice basketball every day, you’ll likely see an increase in your shooting percentage. That’s covariation! 🏀📈 When variables covary, we […]

What is the Difference Between Independent and Dependent Variables?

Hey, guys! Today, we’re talking about the relationship between variables. 📈 When exploring the relationship between variables, it’s important to consider how one variable might be causing the other. This is because it can help you identify possible causal relationships and make more accurate predictions about future outcomes. 🔍 For example, let’s say you’re exploring […]

How to Explore Bivariate Data?

Hey, friends! Today, we’re talking about ways to explore bivariate data and the characteristics we typically look for when exploring relationships between variables. 📈 Common Ways to Explore Bivariate Data Two common ways to explore bivariate data are correlation coefficients and scatterplots. A correlation coefficient is a statistical measure of the strength and direction of […]