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Data literacy is more important than it ever has been as more jobs demand data and AI skills but fitting these lessons in to classes is a challenge.

QuantHub ensures teachers can add these lessons to their class and lines up with state standards to do so.

Data literacy standards align with state course of study and ACT

Prepare students for increasing automation and digitization of jobs

Improve overall academic performance alongside data skills

Augment existing instruction with tailored micro-learning

Prepare students for tomorrow's jobs in today's classroom

At QuantHub, we firmly believe that equipping students with data literacy skills is not just an educational enhancement but a fundamental necessity in today’s digital age. We understand the challenges teachers face with limited classroom time, which is why our products are designed to seamlessly integrate into existing curriculums. By offering concise, effective 10-minute lessons, we help teachers provide vital skills without overwhelming their schedules, ensuring every student has the opportunity to thrive in a data-driven future.

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What are teachers and students saying about QuantHub?

QuantHub has designed a learning platform that meets students where they are and grows their proficiency levels efficiently with every bite-sized activity.

Students enjoy the platform and teachers enjoy how engaged their students are and how easy it is to integrate into their own curriculum.

20% ↑

Students who graduate with data skills earn 20% higher salaries than their peers.

Learning on QuantHub

Students can learn at their own pace in as little as 10 minutes a day. Learning on QuantHub is like playing a game with concepts and scenarios that engage students at all levels.

Teachers can use QuantHub as a class “bell ringer” for data and AI skills. QuantHub offers an automated form of “differentiation” for instructors while students learn through assessment. This method allows students to engage quickly and quickly yields insights for both students and classes.

Engage Your Students with AI & Data Literacy Lessons in Three Steps

1 -> Sign Up

Create your free account in just minutes and gain access to a platform built to engage and educate your students on your class schedule

2 -> Invite Your Students

Use our class code feature to send out invitations to your students. They can join, access their account, and study anywhere.

3 -> Assign and Track

Build a lesson plan that ties directly into state standards inside our platform, assign it to students, and track their progress.

Teach AI & Data Literacy without disrupting your class schedule