Data Analytics & Applied Data Science High School Courses

QuantHub is thrilled to offer instructional support for courses in Data Analytics and Applied Data Science

Data Analytics

This course is offered within Career Technical Education. Let us help your district empower the next generation of business decision-makers.

Step into the world of business analytics where data transforms into decisions. Whether you are a student ready to navigate the complexities of the business world, a teacher seeking to teach one of the 21st century’s most relevant skills, or a parent looking to champion innovation in your child’s school district, this course is designed to demystify the art and science of business analytics.

  • For Students:
    Embark on a journey where numbers meet action. The Data Analytics Course equips you with the analytical tools to dissect, understand, and influence business decisions. You’ll engage with real case studies, learn from business scenarios, and develop the ability to extract actionable insights from complex data sets. Prepare to become a problem solver who can not only interpret data but also use it to create value for you and your community.
  • For Teachers:
    Transform your classroom into a boardroom with our comprehensive business analytics curriculum. We provide extensive resources and support to help you guide your students through the intricacies of business data analysis. From understanding market trends to optimizing operational efficiencies, your students will gain hands-on experience that bridges theoretical knowledge with practical business applications. QuantHub your partner, providing you with the professional development, resources, and community to be successful.
  •  For Parents:
    Support your child as they build a future in one of today’s fastest-growing fields. The QuantHub Business Analytics Course lays a solid foundation in understanding how businesses leverage data to make informed decisions. It’s an excellent way for your child to gain a competitive edge, fostering skills that are critical in business and beyond.

Embrace the challenge and be at the forefront of business strategy with QuantHub!

Applied Data Science

This course is offered as an advanced high school math.

Explore the QuantHub Applied Data Science Course

Are you ready to dive into the transformative world of data science? Whether you’re a student eager to pioneer your own data projects, a teacher looking to bring cutting-edge curriculum into your classroom, or a parent supporting your child’s educational journey, this course is your gateway to understanding and mastering data science.

  • For Students:
    Unlock your potential and step into the role of a data scientist. The QuantHub Applied Data Science Course empowers you with the skills to analyze, interpret, and communicate data effectively. Through engaging hands-on activities, you’ll learn how to craft compelling stories from data and make impactful decisions. Get ready to challenge your creativity and critical thinking!
  • For Teachers:
    Elevate your teaching and bring relevance to your curriculum with our comprehensive data science course. We provide you with all the tools and resources needed to guide your students through the data science lifecycle. From interactive modules to collaborative projects, help your students become proficient in practical and ethical data management, analysis, and presentation. QuantHub provides you with the training and coaching to deliver this cutting-edge advanced math course.
  • For Parents:
    Support your child’s growth in a field that shapes our world. The QuantHub Applied Data Science Course offers a foundational step into the realm of data science, fostering valuable skills that prepare them for higher education and beyond. Encourage your child to embrace the challenge and reap the rewards of this dynamic field. Interested in bringing Data Science to your child’s school? Let us know!

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