Different Learning Activities in QuantHub

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Hey, Chip here again. There are several types of learning activities you’ll see when you use QuantHub.

The first type is a study activity, which you will use to master a skill.

The study activity does not assume that you know anything about the skill, so why do we start by asking you to answer questions about something you haven’t studied?

It’s because starting with a quiz, even before you learn something, helps you actively search for an answer and makes the answer stick in your brain once you find it.

The second type of activity is a review, which checks to see if you still remember a skill you’ve previously mastered.

The final activity we’ll mention is a scavenger hunt, which you’ll see when you click on “Studying Now” in the skill detail page or ask Chip. The scavenger hunt is similar to a study activity, but instead of all the questions being on the same topic, they are all pulled from the same Learning Resource.

Neurons or points are earned by answering questions correctly. The more correct your answer is, the more neurons you earn. Also, the harder the question is, the more neurons you can earn by giving a correct answer.

If you see a quiz question that contains a typo or some other mistake, simply click the thumbs-down button on the question. If you forget to vote on the quality of a question during the quiz, that’s okay. You can still vote on it when you review your quiz results.

You are welcome and encouraged to upvote questions that you like. I’ll use your feedback to continue to improve your learning experience in QuantHub.

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