How do you apply best practice to handle protected classes?

Let’s use a brief case study to illustrate how to handle protected classes. 

Case Study Background: A customer service center for a large telecommunications company handling customer inquiries and complaints. Diverse employees staff the center and serve a diverse customer base, including people of different races, genders, ages, disabilities, and other protected classes. 

Section: Ensuring Equal Treatment  

Challenge: How should the customer service center ensure equal treatment for all customers regardless of their protected class status? 

🚫 Incorrect approach: Prioritizing specific customers based on their protected class status. For example, giving faster response times to younger customers while ignoring older customers leads to a perception of age discrimination. 

Correct approach: Treating all customers equally, regardless of their protected class status, by providing the same level of service and addressing their concerns without bias. This approach aligns with the principle of equal treatment and ensures that all customers feel respected and valued. 

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