How Do You Apply Data Autonomy Best Practices?

Let’s use a brief case study to illustrate data autonomy best practices 

Case Study Background: A real-estate company, HomeFinders, is seeking to improve its data management practices to ensure data autonomy. The company collects and processes a vast amount of data, including customer information, property listings, market trends, and competitor analysis. 

  • Challenge: How should HomeFinders ensure that individuals have control over their personal data? 
  • 🚫 Incorrect approach: HomeFinders maintains complete control over customer data, with no options for customers to access, update, or delete their data. This lack of transparency erodes customer trust and may result in regulatory issues. 
  • Correct approach: HomeFinders implements a user-friendly dashboard where customers can access, update, and delete their data (following the principle of data ownership and control). This empowers customers to control their information, fostering trust and compliance with data protection regulations. 

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