Data Literacy for K-12 Students

Discover a new way to teach digital literacy, statistics, and probability education that supports your curriculum. Let's prepare our students for a data-driven future together.

QuantHub helps students and educators discover quick data analytics skills lessons that dovetail perfectly with existing curriculum.

QuantHub courses align perfectly with state course of study across a multitude of classes, from mathematics and science to computer programming and career discovery.

Data literacy standards align with state course of study and ACT

Improve overall academic performance

Prepare students for increasing automation and digitization of jobs

Augment existing instruction with a hyper-tailored micro-learning approach

Why do our students need supplemental support in data education?


of American jobs will experience high exposure to automation by 2030.


of current US employers face a talent shortage, primarily in technical fields.

What are Teachers Saying?

QuantHub has designed a learning platform that meets students where they are and grows their proficiency levels efficiently with every bite-sized activity.

20% ↑

Students who graduate with data skills earn 20% higher salaries than their peers.

Students can learn at their own pace in as little as 10 minutes. Learning on QuantHub is like playing a game with concepts and scenarios that engage students at all levels.

Who Qualifies for Access?

Middle Schools: Grades 7 and 8 courses in Math, Science, Engineering, Career Prep, and Computer Science

High Schools: Grades 9-12 courses in math, science, computer science, CTE, and test preparation courses

Gifted or Enhanced Learning: Students in grades 7-12 with interest in STEM

21st Century Programs: After-school and Summer STEM Programs

All Teachers: Professional development and TEAMS certification

Trusted by Teachers and Learners in Education Environments Across The Globe

Currently accepting applicants for Spring 2024