10 Data Science Jobs You Might Not Have Known Existed

Data science jobs provide great salaries, work flexibility and is predicted to grow significantly over the coming years. Are you a teacher looking to guide your students in the right direction so they can succeed after high school? Or are you a high school student interested in a STEM-related rewarding career in something you love? […]

Economic Impact of Students Graduating with Data Literacy

Data literacy is a critical skill that every student must possess, given the ever-increasing use of data in decision-making processes across multiple sectors. Graduating with data literacy not only improves career prospects but also has a significant economic impact on both individual employees and organizations at large. In this article, we will explore the return […]

Why Are ACT Test Score Averages Dropping?

The Numbers: How Much Did ACT Test Scores Drop YoY? Average ACT Test Scores have been dropping significantly since 2020. This poses a massive problem for schools trying to remain competitive. And parents are quickly searching for solutions that lead their children down successful paths. AVG ACT Score 2020: 20.8/36 AVG ACT Score 2021: 20.7/36 […]

Data That Can’t Be Understood is Not Worth Much

Artificial Intelligence | Data Science This means that people (called Data Scientists) and platforms that can make data understandable and increase data literacy are very valuable. We know what Data Scientists are worth, with a median salary of $95,000. But what are the platforms worth? Google and Salesforce have told us recently. This week and last, each took […]

Data Science Dream Jobs – What Do Data Science Hopefuls Aspire To?

What’s Your Data Science Dream Job? Data science jobs abound. So we’ve seen a dramatic rise in undergraduate and graduate student enrollments in data science and related degree programs as data literacy skills is becoming more and more important in the business world. QuantHub experienced firsthand this growing enthusiasm of students seeking to become a data scientist during […]

5 Reasons to Use Python for Data Science

If you’re a budding Data Scientist with no programming background, or a business person who needs to dabble in data science, learning to code can be a daunting prospect. It seems that now, learning Python for data science is the best route. Here’s 5 reasons why. What Programming Language is Most Useful for Data Science? […]

Structuring Analytics Teams to Deliver Excellence

How to build a data analytics team – a webinar Advanced Analytics Team | Artificial Intelligence | Data Science | Data Skills | QuantCrunch | Webinar For Part 2 of QuantHub’s webinar series, we were joined by three leaders in the Data Science field to discuss building teams, how to avoid working in silos, the […]