Learning with QuantHub Overview

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Hi, and welcome to QuantHub. You are about to embark on the greatest learning journey of your life. QuantHub is a microlearning platform designed to help you navigate the world of data.

I’m Chip, your learning bot. I will be a turn-by-turn guide for your learning journey while still allowing you to take detours to explore as much as you like. You can think of Chip as the Google Maps of learning, locating and dropping a pin at where you are in the world of data skills, finding out where you want to go, and charting the routes you take to your data skill destination.


From the moment you start studying, QuantHub begins adapting to you to create your personalized learning experience. You’ll notice this in your learning dashboard where you’ll see the order of your skill queue change based on what skills you’ve worked on. As you are studying, questions get harder when you give a correct answer and easier when you don’t. This ensures that what you’re studying is always just right for you.

When you click on a Learning Resource anywhere in the app, other recommended resources jump to the top of the list. After you’ve mastered a skill, it will pop back up on your learning dashboard for you to review. QuantHub is made for you and will adapt to you the more you use it.


So what are you waiting for? Jump back into learning with QuantHub.

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