QuantHub Named to TIME’s Inaugural List of World’s Top EdTech Companies

Data science and AI education leader recognized for significant impact and substantial growth

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., May 1, 2024 QuantHub, a leader in data science and AI education, has been named by TIME as one of the World’s Top EdTech Companies for 2024. Compiled in collaboration with Statista Inc., this list celebrates the most impactful and innovative entities in the educational technology landscape.

QuantHub has been pivotal in enhancing data literacy and AI education for learners worldwide, starting with key early adopters like HP, Southern Company, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. The company gained significant traction in primary and secondary education, notably with the Alabama State Department of Education, which helped integrate QuantHub’s programs across the state. Today, QuantHub reaches learners in over 170 countries, equipping both students and professionals with essential skills for the future.

“We are honored to receive this recognition from TIME, affirming our commitment to advancing education in data science and AI,” said Joshua Jones, CEO and co-founder of QuantHub. “This accolade reflects our team’s dedication, our partners’ vision, and the eagerness of learners nationwide to engage with cutting-edge educational tools. Our growth motivates us to continue innovating and expanding our reach.”

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QuantHub’s year-on-year sales have doubled, underscoring a rising demand for data science and AI skills. The company’s adaptive learning technology and dedication to inclusivity allow learners from diverse backgrounds to build foundational skills in these critical areas. The platform is flexible, integrating smoothly into settings ranging from K-12 and higher education classrooms to corporate training environments.

Looking forward, QuantHub is set to extend its transformative education solutions across more states and organizations, aiming to enhance workforce readiness in an increasingly AI-driven world.

To discover more about QuantHub and its innovative approach to data science and AI education, please visit QuantHub.com.

About QuantHub

QuantHub, a leading force in data science and AI education, empowers learners of all ages to succeed in future job markets. Through partnerships with educational institutions and corporations, QuantHub is redefining how data science and AI are taught and learned, making advanced knowledge accessible and engaging for all. With its adaptive platform, comprehensive curriculum, and strong commitment to accessibility, QuantHub is preparing individuals for the data-driven, AI-enhanced future of work.