QuantHub for Summer Programming

Summer Programming Support for Data Skills

Beat the Summer Slide with QuantHub

Summer vacation – a time for swimming, barbeques, and…learning loss? Studies show students across the country lose academic ground over the summer break, with math and reading skills especially vulnerable. This “summer slide” can widen the achievement gap, particularly for students from underserved communities. 

But there’s hope! Engaging summer programs can help mitigate learning loss, and QuantHub is a perfect fit for your summer learning initiative: 


  1. Combatting Summer Slide: Our platform offers self-paced, interactive lessons in data visualization, statistics, and machine learning. This keeps students’ minds active and reinforces valuable skills throughout the summer.
  2. Focus on Equity: QuantHub is completely free for all public-school students in Alabama. This ensures all students have access to engaging, curriculum-aligned learning, regardless of background.
  3. Flexible & Fun: We offer multiple implementation models to fit your program’s schedule. Students can work independently or collaboratively, making learning fun and interactive. 


QuantHub isn’t just about plugging holes in knowledge; it’s about empowering students with future-ready skills. Data literacy is becoming increasingly important, and QuantHub provides a strong foundation in this critical area. 


Implementation Strategies for Summer Programming

  • 5-10 minutes: Use QuantHub resource scavenger hunts during check-in and check-out time.
  • 60-90 minutes: Data skills mastery.
  • 3-5 hours: Certificate achievement.

    No matter the amount of time, QuantHub can help students obtain and maintain data skill proficiency.


    Ready to keep your students ahead of the curve? Contact QuantHub today to learn more about how the platform can enhance your summer programming. Let’s work together to beat the summer slide and set students up for success in the fall!