Data Literacy for School Boards

Empower your school board with data literacy through QuantHub's adaptive learning platform. In a world transformed by data and AI, equip your members with the skills to understand and leverage these technologies for the benefit of your schools and communities. QuantHub offers engaging, bite-sized lessons and personalized feedback, enabling school board members to become confident data users, ready to make data-driven decisions that shape the future of education.

Data Fluency in Minutes a Day

This Data Literacy education is delivered in a gamified, micro-learning approach that can be completed in just 5-10 minutes per day. The average learner takes approximately 10 hours to complete training. Upon course completion, learners will receive a completion certificate that is a digitally signed and transferrable credential.

Identify and close data skills gaps

Learn pertinent skills that are most important to school board members in 2024.

Skills range from basic data literacy to generative AI

Gain comfort navigating the latest changes in the K-12 industry.

Study Anywhere​

Learn new data literacy skills on your desktop or mobile device.

Get certified and demonstrate your data skills

Complete the course and receive a transferrable digital credential.


of corporate strategies explicitly mention data as a necessary driver of business value.

Data Skills, delivered in a gamified, micro-learning approach, tailored just for you

  • Protecting your data
  • The impact of AI on the workforce
  • Applying data to decision-making
  • Working with dashboards
  • Working with spreadsheets
  • Collecting data for statistical analysis
  • Introduction to reading charts
  • Discovering data storytelling
  • Protecting from phishing
  • Protecting from malware
  • AI productivity tool landscape
  • Introduction to boosting productivity with AI
  • Introduction to prompt engineering

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