What are smart cities?

Smart cities are like regular cities, but with a superpower! They use advanced technology, like artificial intelligence (AI), to make life easier, safer, and more fun for everyone. AI is like a robot brain that can think, learn, and make decisions all on its own. 

There are three main AI methods that power smart cities: 

1. Machine Learning (ML): ML is like teaching a robot how to learn from experience. In smart cities, ML helps manage traffic, like a smart traffic light that knows when to turn green or red based on how many cars are around. 

Example: In Los Angeles, ML helps traffic lights talk to each other so cars can move more smoothly and spend less time in traffic jams. 

2. Natural Language Processing (NLP): NLP helps computers understand and talk to humans, just like a friend! In smart cities, NLP helps answer questions or give directions through voice assistants, like Siri or Alexa. 

Example: In Singapore, NLP powers a friendly robot named Nadine that helps visitors find their way around the city. 

3. Computer Vision: This AI method helps computers see and understand images, like a smart security camera. In smart cities, computer vision can spot accidents, monitor air pollution, or even find lost pets. 

Example: In Tokyo, computer vision helps track how many people use public spaces, so the city can make better parks and plazas for everyone to enjoy. 

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