What are the Steps You Should Take When Reading Charts?

Want to read charts like a pro? Just follow these 5 simple steps: 

  1. Title: Start by reading the title of the chart. It’ll give you a clue about what the chart is showing. For example, “Sales by Month” means the chart is about monthly sales. 
  2. Axes: Next, check out the axes (the lines on the sides of the chart). The x-axis (horizontal line) shows categories or times, like months or types of products. The y-axis (vertical line) shows values or amounts, like dollars or numbers of items. 
  3. Legend: If there’s a legend (a small box with labels and colors), it tells you what the colors or symbols in the chart mean. For instance, red might represent “Apples” and blue might represent “Oranges.” 
  4. Data: Now, explore the data (the bars, lines, or points in the chart). Look for patterns, trends, or differences. Are sales going up or down? Which product is most popular? 
  5. Summary Story: Finally, think about the main point or story the chart is telling. In our example, maybe we learned that apple sales are highest in the fall and orange sales peak in the winter.

Apply these steps to become a chart-reading expert! Keep practicing with different charts to build your skills. 

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