What is evidence-based decision-making?

Imagine you’re the captain of a ship navigating through a vast ocean. Evidence-based decision-making is like using a reliable compass, a detailed map, and the stars to guide your journey. It’s making informed choices by gathering, analyzing, and evaluating relevant data and information to reach the best possible outcome.

Picture a restaurant owner deciding whether to launch a new menu item. Instead of relying on intuition or personal preferences, they would examine customer feedback, analyze sales data, and even review the success of similar items at competitor establishments. By doing so, the owner uses evidence to make a more informed decision.

In business, evidence-based decision-making enables leaders to make better choices by relying on data, research, and past experiences. This approach minimizes risks, increases efficiency, and ultimately leads to more successful outcomes. Just like ship captains need navigation tools, business leaders need evidence-based decision-making to steer their organizations in the right direction.


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