What Skills are Needed to be Able to Navigate Visual Information?

Navigating visual information is an essential skill in today’s world. To become a pro at understanding and using visuals, you’ll need these key skills: 

  1. Observing: Train your eyes to spot important details in pictures, charts, or graphs. Just like reading a book, take your time to look closely at the visual information. 
  2. Interpreting: Figure out what the visual is trying to say. Ask yourself questions like, “What’s the main point?” or “How does this relate to what I know?”
  3. Connecting: Link the visual to your own knowledge and experiences. Imagine you see a pie chart about favorite ice cream flavors. Think about your favorite flavor and how it compares to the chart. 
  4. Analyzing: Break down the visual into smaller parts. Check for patterns, trends, or changes. Let’s say you see a line graph showing temperature changes over time. Look for the highest and lowest points and how they change. 
  5. Evaluating: Decide if the visual is trustworthy and useful. Check if the source is reliable and if the information makes sense. 
  6. Communicating: Share your understanding of the visual with others. You might explain the meaning of a picture or describe the results of a chart.

Remember, practice makes perfect! The more you work with visual information, the better you’ll become at navigating and understanding it. 

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