We make learning data skills easy.

QuantHub’s Artificial Intelligence engine, Chip, uses machine learning to build hyper-tailored training sessions that take only 10 minutes a day. Chip helps you learn data skills for the jobs of tomorrow.


QuantHub delivers digital literacy and data fluency training via microlearning.

QuantHub boasts the world’s largest curated index of data skills that are mapped to roles across the enterprise. No matter your role, QuantHub provides the data skills training you need to advance your career, build a stronger team, or digitally transform your organization.


Data Skills Mapped

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Learn data skills alone, as a class, as a team, or an enterprise.

Gamification and bite-sized learning delivered in the flow of work makes data upskilling easy, seamless, and fun.


How Does It Work?

Define the skills required for the role

Are you seeking to upskill your entire workforce to become “Data Citizens”? Or maybe just preparing for an upcoming job interview? Start by defining the skills required for the role. QuantHub’s data skills taxonomies cover dozens of pre-defined roles, ranging from Data Consumer to Data Engineer to Data Storyteller. Pick from pre-defined roles or build your own, choosing from hundreds of skillsets like “Data Visualization” and “Data Governance”.

Baseline and Benchmark

Take an exam to find out where your strengths and weaknesses are. Or send an assessment to your entire team or potential recruits. Results show you where strengths and skill gaps are, and each learner gets a custom-tailored learning journey based on how they perform.

Study and Upskill

QuantHub’s micro-learning approach uses artificial intelligence to track each step of the learning journey, delivering a unique experience for each learner. Those who have already completed a baseline assessment will find their progress is already credited and their learning journey is already underway. Skills mastered in the assessment are marked as completed in the learning journey – saving time and increasing engagement.

Earn Certificates and Level Up

Master skills, earn badges, and level up — on the platform and in your career!


Accelerate your career with training that ranges from data basics all the way to Al and machine learning.


Assess and upskill your team or enterprise. QuantHub offers an enterprise-ready training platform used and loved in more than fifty countries.


It’s never too early to start learning data skills – QuantHub offers specialized curriculum perfectly tailored for high school students.

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QuantHub helps teams build a culture of data literacy through a comprehensive process that involves defining enterprise-wide objectives, clarifying roles and requisite data skills, baselining existing capabilities, and providing hyper-tailored learning journeys for each employee. QuantHub offers enterprise clients a white-glove delivery of data skills that fit perfectly with the needs of each team across the organization.


QuantHub’s skill assessments and baseline tools are the perfect way to determine the skills and skill gaps of any teams. Users can first define the skills that are relevant for each role, and once team members complete a brief baseline analysis, they will receive a custom learning journey that is different for each learner. Team leaders have a regularly updated reporting dashboard that shows skill gains on a daily basis.


QuantHub offers a wide range of code tests using an inline code editor to assess candidate and employee skills ranging from Python to SQL.

selecting skills

With our decades of consultative experience, we are able to partner with any organization to identify and develop a comprehensive skill matrix unique to your needs. QuantHub’s fully configurable assessment and upskilling solution is like no other, with the ability to truly meet the distinct needs of your organization.

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