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latest in tech news

Welcome back to QuantHub Weekly, packed with the latest in tech news:

💻 Microsoft unveiled AI-powered Copilot+ PCs and Surface devices at Build 2024. 

📈 Lesson of the Week: Leverage AI to increase personal and professional productivity. 

🌐 Harvard physicists have created Boston’s first metro-area quantum network–a major leap toward a quantum internet. 

💡 Weekly Tech Tip: 5 features to try with your Amazon Echo. 

🔧 What’s New: Improved performance, accessibility, and stability through updates and bug fixes. 

📘 Book of the Week: “Possible: How We Survive (and Thrive) in an Age of Conflict” by William Ury.

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Microsoft’s AI Computers for Preorder

At Microsoft’s Build 2024 conference, the company introduced new AI-powered Copilot+ PCs and Surface devices. They start at $999, and some are available for preorder today.

The new computers integrate into apps like Teams to manage meeting agendas and co-author notes, as well as to Loop and Planner for task management. Other advancements include image enhancement and live translation capabilities.

Additionally, Microsoft is expanding into VR with partnerships involving Meta Quest headsets, which will bring interactive apps, or “Volumetric Apps.

Lesson of the Week

This lesson, part of our “Introduction to boosting productivity with AI” skill, shows you how to work smarter using tools like pretrained models, generative AI, and advanced communication aids.

Question of the Week:

In which situation is it most suitable to use pretrained AI models?

Select one:

A) When you try to create a unique AI system for your personal smartphone usage

B) When you intend to build a highly specialized artificial intelligence program for rocket calculations

C) When you want to analyze customer feedback to improve service without coding from scratch

See if you’re right–the answer is at the bottom!

Quantum Internet Inches Closer

Harvard physicists have developed the first metro-area quantum network in Boston, linking quantum memory nodes over 22 miles using existing telecom fiber.

This breakthrough is the most advanced demonstration of quantum internet to date, enabling ultra-secure, high-speed data transmission with unmatched security and efficiency.

Beyond cryptography and financial transactions, quantum computing networks could revolutionize healthcare with secure patient data sharing, enhance logistics with superior optimization algorithms, and advance scientific research through more complex simulations.

Weekly Tech Tip

5 Features to Try with Your Amazon Echo

1. Stream Music to Other Devices: Use the Amazon Music app to cast your favorite tunes to Alexa-enabled devices by selecting the casting icon and choosing the desired device.

2. Guard Your Home: Activate Alexa Guard to receive notifications about suspicious sounds like breaking glass or smoke alarms when you’re not home.

3. Donate to Charity: Simply say, “Alexa, donate to [charity name],” to contribute to various charitable organizations.

4. Shop on Amazon: Utilize voice commands to add items to your Amazon cart and complete purchases seamlessly.

5. Find Your Lost Phone: If you’ve misplaced your phone, ask Alexa to locate it, and it will ring your device to help you find it.

What's New

Internal updates, enhanced accessibility, and minor bug fixes.

Book of the Week

"Possible" by William Ury.

William Ury, the author of the best-selling book on negotiation, presents “Possible,” a guide drawing from his 50 years of experience in resolving conflicts globally.

This book combines memoir, manual, and manifesto, offering practical strategies to transform conflicts into opportunities for growth.

Tested and proven at Harvard University, Ury’s “Path to Possible” provides accessible frameworks and powerful storytelling to help readers tackle and creatively solve some of the toughest conflicts in various aspects of life.

latest in tech news

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