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latest in tech news

latest in tech news

Keeping you in the loop with the latest tech releases, news, and highlights:

🤖 Apple to unveil AI-driven iOS 18 features, with potential OpenAI collaboration announcement.

🧠 Lesson of the Week: Increase chart comprehension by reducing complexity.

🌾 AI and robotics are reshaping agriculture, enhancing sustainability and efficiency via targeted crop management interventions.

🌎 Weekly Tech Tip: Use maps offline on iPhone and Google Maps.

🚀 What’s New: Refreshed skill and quicker site loading times.

📘 Book of the Week: “Be the Unicorn: 12 Data-Driven Habits that Separate the Best Leaders from the Rest” by William Vanderbloemen.

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Apple Teaming Up With OpenAI?

At the upcoming developers conference, Apple is set to reveal an array of new AI features designed to enhance everyday life. Central to this is Project Greymatter, which will bring advanced AI tools to apps like Safari, Photos, and Notes, seamlessly balancing on-device and cloud processing with powerful M2 Ultra chips.

In a groundbreaking move, Apple is alleged to have partnered with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into iOS 18. Don’t count out Google just yet, as Apple is still in talks with them to potentially add Gemini as another option.

Though playing catch-up to rivals, Apple’s vast user base could catapult it to the forefront of AI innovation almost overnight. Get ready for a smarter, more intuitive Apple experience!

Lesson of the Week

Learn how to make charts more intuitive by reducing complexity and emphasizing key insights in a lesson from our skill “Designing charts for visual processing.”

Question of the Week:

What is the best strategy to address the complexity of this chart?


Select one:

A) Separate the rainfall and temperature data into individual panels

B) Add details to the chart, such as wind speed data

C) Place the data series on top of each other to improve readability

See if you’re right–the answer is at the bottom!

Smart Technology Reshaping Agriculture

Researchers at the University of Bonn are pioneering the use of AI and robotics to transform agriculture, making it smarter, more sustainable, and incredibly efficient. Their latest paper in the European Journal of Agronomy delves into groundbreaking research questions that are set to advance digital farming.

By integrating cutting-edge technologies and precise monitoring, they aim to tackle environmental challenges and revolutionize how resources are used in agriculture, paving the way for a greener, more efficient future in farming.

Weekly Tech Tip

Navigate Maps Offline

Heading on a summer adventure? Don’t let spotty internet ruin your trip! Follow this fun and easy guide to download offline maps on your iPhone and stay on course, no matter where your travels take you.

Apple Maps
  1. Open the Maps app.
  2. Find the area you want to download a map for and long-press on the area. A pin should drop on your screen.
  3. Tap Download at the bottom of your screen.
  4. Once offline, Tap your profile picture near the Search Maps bar.
  5. Tap Offline Maps
  6. Select the map you want to use.

Read an in-depth walkthrough here.

Google Maps
  1. While you’re online, search for a destination.
  2. Tap the name of the destination.
  3. Tap More (three dots).
  4. Tap Download offline map.
  5. Select the area for the map, then tap Download.
  6. Now if your internet connection is slow or absent, Google Maps will use your offline map to give you driving directions.

Read an in-depth walkthrough here.

What's New

Internal updates, enhanced accessibility, and minor bug fixes.

Book of the Week

“Be the Unicorn” by William Vanderbloemen uncovers the 12 key habits shared by 30,000 top leaders, such as authenticity, responsiveness, and agility.

With a crowded workforce, an unstable job landscape, and the rise of AI, this book provides data, personal accounts, and practical tips to help readers develop these transformative habits and stand out.

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latest in tech news

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