QuantHub and Innovate Alabama Launch Internship Program to Equip Students for Data Science and AI Careers

QuantHub is on a mission to equip all students with high demand data science and artificial intelligence (AI) skills. In partnership with the Alabama State Department of Education, the Birmingham startup is currently deploying its skills training software across Alabama schools and anticipates approximately 38,000 students to be learning in the platform within the year. […]

Integrating Data Literacy into K-12 Education: An Analysis of Curriculum Considerations

As state superintendents refine their K-12 educational strategies to equip students with future-ready skills, there’s an unmistakable urgency to address the nuanced but essential difference between computer science education and data science learning requirements. The trend is clear: computational thinking has been anchored as a core skill within educational curricula, but as data becomes the […]

10 Data Science Jobs You Might Not Have Known Existed

Data science jobs provide great salaries, work flexibility and is predicted to grow significantly over the coming years. Are you a teacher looking to guide your students in the right direction so they can succeed after high school? Or are you a high school student interested in a STEM-related rewarding career in something you love? […]

Economic Impact of Students Graduating with Data Literacy

Data literacy is a critical skill that every student must possess, given the ever-increasing use of data in decision-making processes across multiple sectors. Graduating with data literacy not only improves career prospects but also has a significant economic impact on both individual employees and organizations at large. In this article, we will explore the return […]

Why Are ACT Test Score Averages Dropping?

The Numbers: How Much Did ACT Test Scores Drop YoY? Average ACT Test Scores have been dropping significantly since 2020. This poses a massive problem for schools trying to remain competitive. And parents are quickly searching for solutions that lead their children down successful paths. AVG ACT Score 2020: 20.8/36 AVG ACT Score 2021: 20.7/36 […]

What is Data Fluency?

Today’s guest author is Ana Peacock. Anna is an award-winning marketing and communications director based in Birmingham, AL covering the latest in tech and healthcare. Data Fluency and Its Impact Across Industries Now more than ever, understanding and interpreting data is rising to the forefront of all industries as a critical skill needed to produce […]

QuantHub Learning Philosophy

PLATFORM OVERVIEW QuantHub is an AI-powered learning and development platform that focuses on providing data fluency in corporate and educational settings. Rather than create a traditional library of pre-recorded videos, QuantHub has built an AI bot named Chip that creates a fully curated learning journey for each individual user. This allows the learner to receive […]